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Case Study: Colorado Cattle Company

Oct 30, 2018 11:25:00 AM / by Matthieu Corrand

  • Problem: Colorado Cattle Company needed an online booking platform that served their team and their clients better.
  • Solution: Colorado Cattle Company chose Ranch Bookings for its ease of use and attention to ranchers’ needs.
  • Result: Colorado Cattle Company and their clients now have an easier time managing reservations and information.

Colorado Cattle Company is a true working ranch that offers their guests the opportunity to experience the real ranch experience by day and relax in a resort environment by night. Tom and Darcy Carr purchased the ranch after making four trips in three years and finding out it was for sale. Since 2009, they’ve worked on building their ranch into one of the top guest ranch vacation spots in Colorado.

Before Ranch Bookings, Tom Carr was using an online booking platform that had a complicated interface and was built around other hospitality businesses and he didn’t feel the solutions were optimal for what they were trying to do. After seeing how Ranch Bookings worked and learning that is was built by ranchers for ranchers, Tom found exactly what they were looking for.

“We were at the Dude Rancher’s Convention and met Matt. He took us through it and we were immediately impressed with what the software did.”

Right from the start, Tom recognized the impact that Ranch Bookings’ platform had on his processes.

“It was more tailored toward the ranch experience, and it was very user-friendly. It required very little startup, very little training, and we were able to go in and modify things very simply.”

The ease of use also came into play with Colorado Cattle Company’s biggest customer demographic. Around 70 percent of their current customers come from overseas, so the ranch does a lot of work managing reservations with travel agents. With a platform that makes it easy to communicate updates or changes, the ranch is able to take on more bookings and build a better reputation with travel agencies.

“A big part of our business is that interface with travel agents and making sure that they’re comfortable because they have so many options on where they can refer people. So the easier we can make the process, the better it is for our ranch.”

As a whole, Ranch Bookings has improved the ability for the ranch to manage their internal processes, and their clients are able to easily find the information they need, making their experience leading up to their reservation even more positive.

Learn more about Colorado Cattle Company here.

Photo: Colorado Cattle Company

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Matthieu Corrand

Written by Matthieu Corrand

Matthieu Corrand is the founder of RanchBookings.com. A second generation guest rancher, Matt built the platform to help save his father time and energy, as well as increase annual rates and reservations.

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