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Case Study: Rocking Z Guest Ranch

Oct 26, 2018 3:40:00 PM / by Matthieu Corrand

  • Problem: Rocking Z wanted a more efficient sales process that helped streamline processes.
  • Solution: Rocking Z chose a platform designed with ranchers in mind — Ranch Bookings.
  • Result: The ranch now uses customer data more efficiently and is growing year over year.

Rocking Z Guest Ranch is a family horse ranch dedicated to sharing Montanan traditions and the practice of natural horsemanship with their guests. The Wirth family has owned and operated Rocking Z Guest Ranch since 2000. Their Montana ranch is dedicated to teaching their guests about horses, the practice of natural horsemanship, and cow working.

Patty Wirth knew that she was having trouble with the sales side of their operations and wanted to find a solution that helped her manage reservations more efficiently. She felt that it wasn’t necessary to personally vet each person that wanted to book a stay on the ranch, and that an online booking option was the right direction. The family chose to work with Ranch Bookings due to the way the platform was set up with ranchers in mind.

After using the platform, Patty has a new appreciation for moving processes online and how it’s helped her improve the way that she responds to guests and manage information.

“I used to copy all the pages in my reservation book if I was traveling so that if someone called or answered the email I could still keep up with them and not promise something I didn’t have or have to call home and get ahold of my daughter. Now information can be accessed by multiple people, and I can keep up on where things stand.”

Since the ranch opened in 2000, they’ve been growing steadily each year. Ranch Bookings has helped the Wirth family navigate the busy summer seasons by making it easier to manage and maintain booking information throughout the year. The platform has proved that even though the first physical interaction they have with their guests is when they arrive, it has only helped their guest satisfaction.

This growth has accelerated since Rocking Z has become a Ranch Bookings customer and the Wirth Family credits Ranch Bookings for a large part of this success:

"I love how easy it is to change rates with the system, and look back at trends. Most of all, I love how much our sales have increased since we started using Ranch Bookings, especially in the market of people 18-35 yrs old who hate making phone calls and prefer to be independently booking themselves. I can’t imagine running our business without Ranch Bookings now, just the time it saves literally reduces the need for a whole employee. Thank you Ranch Bookings team!!!"   Anna Wirth

The chart below shows the incredible progress Rocking Z has made in just two years, it was directly extracted from Ranch Bookings analytics reports.

Ranch Booking's Built-in Revenue Report

“More and more I have guests come who I’ve never talked to, and they’re thrilled because the website is fairly detailed, and then they can look up what they need and book.”

Making bookings available 24/7 has helped Rocking Z streamline their customer communications by allowing guests to research and make a decision without having to wait for answers. The platform has improved their ability to keep up with information and expanded their ability to delight customers without ever having to pick up the phone.

You can learn more about Rocking Z Guest Ranch here.

Photo: Rocking Z Guest Ranch

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Matthieu Corrand

Written by Matthieu Corrand

Matthieu Corrand is the founder of RanchBookings.com. A second generation guest rancher, Matt built the platform to help save his father time and energy, as well as increase annual rates and reservations.

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