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See How Online Reservation Software Can Work for Your Ranch

Dec 21, 2018 8:19:00 AM / by Matthieu Corrand

Streamline Your Processes by Using a Platform That Supports the Business Side of Your Ranch

The way that people are planning their ranch vacations is changing. As adventure travel continues to grow, guest ranches need to be assessing how their processes for taking and managing reservations are performing.

Younger generations are looking for a different first impression than the older generations most ranches are familiar with, so how can you keep up? Online reservation software tailored for ranches, like Ranch Bookings, is the best way to maintain your current values while also adjusting to fit the needs of more tech-savvy travelers. Check out our guide to using our software below.

Online Reservation Software Can Help You Take and Track Reservations

With Ranch Bookings, taking and tracking reservations is simple. Forget about updating spreadsheets, lists, and calendars on your desktop and on paper — our software makes it so that once you input a reservation, it’s updated everywhere in the system.

Putting in a reservation is as simple as marking the dates your guest would like to reserve and filling out the details and specific requirements for their stay. If it’s a returning customer, their information will already be stored in the system, so you won’t have to worry about anything getting lost. Once everything is set, you can either select to send them an invoice, or put in their credit card for a deposit to go ahead and finalize their booking.

Maintain Your Back Office With Reservation Data at Your Fingertips

It can be hard to tell what guests have paid, who’s finished checking in, and which guests have paid their reservations in full. Ranch Bookings lets you view everything at a high level, and color codes reservations so you can easily see where things stand. Filter your view by your upcoming reservations, payment status, and check-in status to be on top of your entire back office.

Easily Edit Your Reservations to Keep Information Up to Date

To edit and update reservations, all you have to do is click on a booking in your calendar and hit “Edit Reservation.” This will bring up the same form as when you enter a new reservation, and you can change the old information to match what’s current. From here, you can also edit and update a customer’s information. These updates are made throughout the entire system so everyone can be on the same page.

Give Your Guests a Better Booking Experience

With Ranch Bookings, the availability page lets you collect all the necessary information from upcoming reservations, and gives your guests everything they need to know about staying at your ranch without ever having to pick up the phone.

First, guests will pick their arrival date, and get information on your open dates, the different lengths of stays that you offer, and your pricing options based on their party size. Next, they’ll select the package they want based on available cabins or rooms, and from there they can email themselves a quote with their reservation or go ahead and pay online. With Ranch Bookings, you also have the option to allow guests to pay online, but we can also set it up so that you only send quotes to your guest via email.

Make It Simple for Guests to Check-In

Once a guest makes a reservation, they’ll receive an email reviewing their booking, and a link to a webpage that includes this information, along with a checklist of everything they should do ahead of their arrival. Their responses are automatically populated into your system and this can remove some of the back and forth with guests before they arrive at your ranch.

Easily Maintain Check-In Information

Collecting and tracking check-in information for guests is easy with Ranch Bookings. Once a week, you’ll receive an email telling you who has and who has not checked in for the week.  Our software will show you who still needs to complete the process, and makes it clear where to update their reservation if you have to give them a call.

Integrate Your QuickBooks Account With Ranch Bookings

Managing your bookkeeping with Ranch Bookings is simple, all you have to do is export your data from Ranch Bookings, and import it into your QuickBooks account. The information from transactions and payments automatically populates into your account.

Use Analytics to Track Your Growth

With Ranch Bookings, we use the reservation information stored in the system to create analytics reports that you can use to effectively manage your ranch and track your growth.  Our software automatically reports on financials, reservations, and customers.

Our Software Keeps Your Information Organized

The more reservations you have, the more data there is to go through. Our software sorts data by department and can be sorted by week to help get your staff ready for the week's guests. You can also build out a weekly and daily schedule so everyone can know who will be riding what horse or what they’ll be having for breakfast. This keeps your staff organized and helps your guests feel like they’re truly receiving a personalized experience.

We hope you’ve been able to get more information on the basics of using Ranch Bookings. If you’re a current customer and your question wasn’t answered, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more help. If you’re not already using our software, and you’re interested in learning more, set up a personalized demo to see how we can customize our online reservation software to your ranch.

Matthieu Corrand

Written by Matthieu Corrand

Matthieu Corrand is the founder of RanchBookings.com. A second generation guest rancher, Matt built the platform to help save his father time and energy, as well as increase annual rates and reservations.

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